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An Interview with God (2018)

An Interview with God is a movie starring Brenton Thwaites, David Strathairn, and Yael Grobglas. An up-and-coming journalist finds his world and faith increasingly challenged when he's granted the interview of a lifetime - with...

IMDB: 5.42 Likes

  • Genre: Drama | Mystery
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 97
  • IMDB Rating: 5.4/10 
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The Synopsis for An Interview with God (2018) 720p

Paul Asher, an up-and-coming journalist, returns home from covering the war in Afghanistan and finds his life is falling apart - his marriage is failing and he's in the grips of a personal crisis he doesn't yet understand. Even more pressing, a soldier that Paul befriended in Afghanistan is struggling at home and Paul is desperately trying to help him. But, Paul's life takes a strange twist when he's offered an interview that he finds impossible to resist - an interview with someone who claims to be God.

The Director and Players for An Interview with God (2018) 720p

[Director]Perry Lang
[Role:]Brenton Thwaites
[Role:]David Strathairn
[Role:]Hill Harper
[Role:]Yael Grobglas

The Reviews for An Interview with God (2018) 720p

More could have been reached with the concept of this conversationReviewed bypaulijcalderonVote: 5/10

People are going around saying that Morgan Freeman should have played God here, but David Strathairn does a pretty good job. I was impressed by the acting from both of the two leads. Brenton Thwaites clears his name a little performance wise and shows that he's cabable of more than what he's been offered in the past. It's a straightforward setup, a guy is gonna interview a man who tells him that he's God. From there on it starts out interesting. There's clever dialuge thrown back and forth. And yes, my attention very clearly on every word said. But as soon as we move away from the interview aspect the story crumbles. It's never as interesting as those interview parts. I know there's effort there, but its approach to tell the mundane story didn't latch on to me.

Lookswise it's nothing that stands out. Simple framing and narrative. But honestly they didn't need to push the execution. The simplicity is good enough when watching two characters have interesting things to say. Speaking of that, the film definetely should have put more focus on the actual conversations. Because that's what held my attention. The stuff that happens in between went with the convoluted "we gotta have these curvballs of drama and mishy-mashy, sugar-coat, sweet turning points". Jeez, it's ok movie. The conversation of what a man and a God can have about life (and whetever else) is your great subject. Use it wisely. To be fair, the Journalists story that you follow isn't bad per say. I's uneventful compared to what this movie could have reached. The third act almost fell apart, which made it end on a very safe note.

So it's an OK little movie. The conversation scenes and performances were good. The rest is merely your usual soap opera. Last thing to say is that it's not that long and decently easy to watch.

Great script, acting & musicReviewed byeandrews-36844Vote: 8/10

Ken Aguado has written a clever script about spirituality, that emphasizes questions rather than answers, and includes some unexpected plot twists. The acting is uniformly good. David Strathairn provides a convincing performance as God. The music is haunting and sets the tone beautifully. One drawback about seeing this film in the theater was the jarring cut to an irreverent interviewer at the end, before the credits. I would have preferred some time (with a little music) to contemplate the movie themes, followed perhaps by some suggested discussion questions that groups could use as a starting point for sharing their reactions. Sorry, but the tacked on interview was really awful.

Does the Christian church still exist??Reviewed byerikvanosmediaVote: 7/10

Tiresome movie about the religious doctrine that takes the Bible literally and represents God as a male person. The makers take it a step further by introducing him as a dull, characterless and humorless, grey-haired, suit. Big issues are treated briefly but God's answers do not give the impression that he knows anything. 'Of course there is free will! And everyone knows that it exists! Just look at the foundation of the constitutional state, which is entirely based on free will' It appears that we are not dealing here with an esoteric being as a metaphor for a subjectively experienced reality but with the good old USA God of law and order. 'God' then launches one after another comment that shows how little understanding the Catholic Church has of the scriptures. The film mainly fails to shine any light on the themes the protagonist struggles with. Neither the war in nor the relationship problems is illuminated or clarified by any Christian insight. If you really want to know something about salvation, you better explore Eckhart Tolle or Advaita.


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