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Chinatown (1974)

A private detective investigating an adultery case stumbles on to a scheme of murder that has something to do with water.

IMDB: 8.48 Likes

  • Genre: Crime | Drama
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  • Run Time: 130
  • IMDB Rating: 8.4/10 
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The Synopsis for Chinatown (1974) 720p

JJ 'Jake' Gittes is a private detective who seems to specialize in matrimonial cases. He is hired by Evelyn Mulwray when she suspects her husband Hollis, builder of the city's water supply system, of having an affair. Gittes does what he does best and photographs him with a young girl but in the ensuing scandal, it seems he was hired by an impersonator and not the real Mrs. Mulwray. When Mr. Mulwray is found dead, Jake is plunged into a complex web of deceit involving murder, incest and municipal corruption all related to the city's water supply.

The Director and Players for Chinatown (1974) 720p

[Director]Roman Polanski
[Role:J.J. Gittes]Jack Nicholson
[Role:Escobar]Perry Lopez
[Role:Noah Cross]John Huston
[Role:Evelyn Mulwray]Faye Dunaway

The Reviews for Chinatown (1974) 720p

Reviewed byattitudeadjustmentVote: /10

From the first 10 minutes of the first time I saw this movie in thetheatre, I've truly loved it, more any other movie I've ever seen. Why?Well, that easy, it's just so... PERFECT!

Obviously there are many other great movies, and many other movies Ipersonally also love, but Chinatown has a real spell over me. Otherfans have commented here on the story and the spellbinding way that theforlorn and utterly mysterious story unfolds. I certainly agree.

Chinatown's cinematography and editing? Yes, I agree again! IMO, it'sbreathtaking, with pacing so tight that I sit straight up thru thewhole movie and my nerves become completely raw every time I watch,listen and FEEL it again.

I don't think anybody has commented yet on the great choice of the manysupporting actors. Each one so well cast and very believable in theirroles! You've got the entire cast credits list (thank you IMDb) so Iwon't list them here but there are so many memorable performances here!It would be unfair to highlight one, two or three! Good cops, bad cops,ugly rich, up-and-coming, downtrodden poor, the very honest and verycrooked with all shades in between! Each and every role a characterstudy in and of itself and together they make a living "time capsule"of the forties that we can revisit for generations to come.

And then there's that sound track which hooked me on great trumpetplayers and the Est Coast Jazz sound of the era. I just love that musicand way it interweaves with the ongoing theme - it's perfectly unitedwith the faithful and compelling use of the film-noir style.

I saw this movie first in Chicago and heck, back then I knew nothingabout LA, though I've since moved to and lived in the area for years.Once relocated, I quickly discovered the historically interesting sideto the story and then appreciated the movie from yet another compellingangle. No question, the plot is fundamentally sound with many totallyunexpected and yet quite plausible turns. But I later understood thatit's within the realm of believability from factual standpoint, as wellas intellectually/emotionally.

Geez, I'll never forget that first confrontational scene at theAlbacore Club! The study in absolute raw and evil power as masterlyportrayed by John Huston. In the very same scene Jack Nicholsonskillfully paints the subtleties of his cautious, cynical, small-timehustler character. The air crackles! I must have played this scene inmy mind a thousand times. When I visited Catalina Island for the firsttime in about 1985, not knowing its significance to the movie, I walkedby the Albacore Club (The Tuna Club in real life) and froze transfixed.I recognized it instantly of course, and I must have stood theregawking for 20 minutes not saying a word. I could literally HEAR theChinatown theme - the memories were that clear and fresh!

In closing, I guess then what does it about Chinatown for me (why Ifeel so strongly that it is the very best movie of all) is that everyfacet of the movie construction, from the opening scene to the endingcredits, somehow fits together in a homogeneous, complete andabsolutely flawless way.

I find it fascinating to analyze the characters and their makeup. Toimagine the reasons they did what they did. But there is NOTHING Iwould change. Nothing.

MarvelousReviewed byRobert J. MaxwellVote: 7/10

There is a word, impossible to spell, that describes the alignment of solar bodies like the planets when they all fall into place together. A similar word would describe this film. Everything about it is right. Polanski never directed a better movie. The performers, down to the lowest atmosphere person, are superb. The editing, the score, the sound, the decor, the dialog, all are just about flawless. The photography is peerless. The white garden apartments, the terra cotta roof tiles, the palms and desert sand are all painted with a faint gold, faintly ripe with false promise, like the oranges that bounce from Gittes' desperately speeding car in the northwest Valley.

Polanski deserves much of the credit. When Gittes surprises Evelyn Mulwray in her car, after he follows her to her daughter's house, her face slumps forward and beeps the horn briefly. Then, so faintly, we hear a few dogs bark in the background. Not only is the scene itself exquisitely done but it prefigures the ending, as does Gittes' remark earlier to Evelyn that she has a flaw in her iris. The movie is too good to deserve much dissecting. It stands repeated watching. If there is anything wrong with it, it is the serious and tragic ending that Polanski always insists on tacking on. Robert Towne was right and Polanski wrong in this case. Everything came together on this film. It's not only the best detective movie ever made; it's one of the best movies ever made -- period. A marvelous job by everyone concerned.

I have to add (6/27/05) that the word I mentioned in the first sentence is spelled "syzygy." Man, did I get enlightening email on that. I might as well add two other impressive features of this movie. (1) Polanksi takes his time. Example: Gittes sneaks into Hollis Mulwray's office and begins to go through the drawers of his old-fashioned wooden desk. As he slides each drawer out, Polanksi gives us a shot of their humdrum contents (checkbooks, magnifying glass, and so forth) and we can almost smell the heat and the odor of shellac and sawdust emanating from the wooden containers. The contents reveal nothing of importance in this case. But (2) sometimes irrelevant information crops up that resonates later in the film with its own echo. The detail might be just a word ("applecore") or an ordinary object (a pair of spectacles found in a pond, immediately after Gittes imitates the Japanese gardener's remark that the water is bad for the "glass.") Some of the references may be so consistent as to constitute a theme (water). None of this hits you over the head with its significance. It's all very neatly stitched together.

Reviewed byMisterWhiplashVote: 10/10/10

Chinatown is a tremendous collaborative effort that produced one of themost memorable Hollywood pictures of the 1970's. Director RomanPolanski (his last film in America, and the first he made in Americaafter the murder of Sharon Tate), stars Jack Nicholson & Faye Dunaway,and writer Robert Towne, all come together to create a detective storyclassic. At times it slows its pace down so the viewer can think alongwith Nicholson's character, to take in the environment as well as thesituation he's in (i.e. when he goes to the empty reservoir, when hevisits Noah Crosses house the first time). And the script has theperfect sense of drawing us into a story, fueled by curiosity, grit,and cynicism, and engages the viewer by its realistic dialog betweenthe characters.

J.J. Gittes (Nicholson, in one of his best 70's performances) is in LosAngeles circa 1933 in the line of private investigator, usually dealingwith people who may or may not believe that their significant other ishaving an affair. Evelyn Mulwray feels this may be the case with herhusband Hollis, and Gittes decides to take the case. However, thisdraws him into a deeper case involving the city's loss of water onceHollis- a major player in the water supply controversy in the city- isfound murdered. This eventually leads him to Noah Cross (John Huston),a big businessman and who also happens to be Evelyn's father. Intriguestarts to develop, as Jake's own life begins to be at risk.

As a intricate, detailed detective story the film is an above-averagework, with Towne's script containing the maturity, and wicked sense ofhumor, of a James M. Cain or Raymond Chandler novel. When the thrillscome they come as being striking. And when humanity and compassion getthrown into the mix, the film reaches a whole other plane ofintelligence. The last third of the film could turn off some of theaudience (depending on one's own level of belief), but it holds strongthanks to the performances. Nicholson doesn't over-step his bounds inany scene, finding the right notes in suggestive conversations. Dunawayis better than expected (though I'm not sure if it's an greatperformance). And Huston's Noah Cross is one of the more disturbingvillains of that period in movies. Add to it some good cameos (BurtYoung as a driver, Polanski playing the little guy in the infamous'knife' scene), and a smooth soundtrack by Jerry Goldsmith, Chinatowncomes out as strong piece of movie-making, and arguably one of thegreatest in the crime/mystery genre.

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