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Leave No Trace (2018)

Leave No Trace is a movie starring Thomasin McKenzie, Ben Foster, and Jeffery Rifflard. A father and his thirteen year-old daughter are living an ideal existence in a vast urban park in Portland, Oregon, when a small mistake derails...

IMDB: 7.79 Likes

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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 108
  • IMDB Rating: 7.7/10 
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The Synopsis for Leave No Trace (2018) 720p

Will (Ben Foster) and his teenage daughter, Tom (Thomasin Harcourt McKenzie), have lived off the grid for years in the forests of Portland, Oregon. When their idyllic life is shattered, both are put into social services. After clashing with their new surroundings, Will and Tom set off on a harrowing journey back to their wild homeland. The film is directed by Debra Granik from a script adapted by Granik and Anne Rosellini.

The Director and Players for Leave No Trace (2018) 720p

[Director]Debra Granik
[Role:]Michael Draper
[Role:]Jeffery Rifflard
[Role:]Thomasin McKenzie
[Role:]Ben Foster

The Reviews for Leave No Trace (2018) 720p

Beautiful!Reviewed bythirstydog-32613Vote: 9/10

When I learned that this was by the same director, Debra Granik ,as Winter's Bones (one of my all time favorite films) I knew I had to see this. It doesn't disappoint. The relationship between the father and daughter is beautiful and sweet, and we pull for these characters to pull through. The daughter was played brilliantly in an understated performance by Thomasin McKenzie.

There is beautiful and stunning scenery in the Pacific Northwest and the story is sublime about family relationships, mental health and loyalty.

Not as thrilling as portrayedReviewed byryanbartlett-870-746486Vote: 5/10

A movie that follow a daughter and a father that live in the woods. Sounds just as thrilling as could be. Slowly the film builds as you get to know and try to understand the mindset of the father, and slowly you begin to learn about the daughter as well. However, this is the whole movie, very slow. Living between scenes of living off the land and day-to-day life there isn't much push forward in the plot. Where the movie hits the mark is in acting, with the main actors Thomasin McKenzie and Ben Foster driving almost everything, this film relies solely on their shoulders to not fall apart. They were able to keep control of the reigns all the way to the end. It definitely is more of a small sample size of many topics of culture, post military life, and family dynamics. However, in the end it falls short of a great story

Small exquisite touchesReviewed byjamiesonspencerVote: 9/10

Rather than pen a hefty set of paragraphs, let me point out some brilliant but tiny artistic touches that compensate for what some viewers might find the movie's slow action. I do not think they rise to the level of genuine spoilers: a) the name given to one of the 4H club's rabbits, b) "Tom's" subtle but poignant facial gestures, and c) a pair of wordless sounds she and her father use for secret communication. (As with much fine art, less is more...)

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