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Mrs Henderson Presents (2005)

Mrs Henderson Presents is a movie starring Judi Dench, Bob Hoskins, and Christopher Guest. Laura Henderson buys an old London theater and opens it up as the Windmill, a performance hall which goes down in history for, among other...

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The Synopsis for Mrs Henderson Presents (2005) 720p

Recently widowed well-to-do Laura Henderson is at a bit of a loose end in inter-war London. On a whim she buys the derelict Windmill theatre in the West End and persuades impresario Vivian Van Damm to run it, despite the fact the two don't seem to get on at all. Although their idea of a non-stop revue is at first a success, other theatres copy it and disaster looms. Laura suggests they put nudes in the show, but Van Damm points out that the Lord Chamberlain, who licenses live shows in Britain, is likely to have something to say about this. Luckily Mrs Henderson is friends with him.

The Director and Players for Mrs Henderson Presents (2005) 720p

[Director]Christopher Guest
[Director]Stephen Frears
[Role:]Bob Hoskins
[Role:]Judi Dench
[Role:]Will Young

The Reviews for Mrs Henderson Presents (2005) 720p

Gently amusing British wartime film with superb musicReviewed bysvwVote: 9/10

I cannot believe how badly this lovely film has been savaged on IMDb.

Apart from spectacular vaudeville staging, Judi Dench plays her eccentric, mischievous widow to perfection and the excellent Bob Hoskins is cast surprisingly out of type as a reserved, rather complex, gentlemanly but iron-willed theatre manager. Their argumentative relationship is amusing without being overbearing, as the film is essentially a nicely balanced ensemble piece. Dench's character Laura Henderson turns out to have a very touching motivation for her desire to stage daring musicals for brave young men off to war. Will Young gives an astonishingly strong vocal performance throughout. His mannered vocal style is perfect, and he looks every inch the part on stage. His few brief moments of acting are nothing to blush over either. Kelly Reilly, the star of the naked girlie reviews, is quite simply mesmerising to watch, and ultimately her character is full of pathos.

And if none of that were enough to engage you, you've got an interesting wartime plot, based on true events in the history of the Windmill Theatre, which in current circumstances feels highly topical and relevant for Londoners. 9/10

A delightful WWII London StoryReviewed byjustjudy75Vote: 9/10

Under promoted. Truly a tasteful, funny, sad, poignant British film with substance. No unnecessary space fillers. They got it right! People look their age and natural which was a nice treat. The bombing of London wasn't a picnic so finding safe havens and reality escapes for a moment was at a premium, no matter the form. Great portrayal of the era. Loved the opening sketches. Dame Judi Dench and Bob Hoskins played off each other with impeccable timing and with just the right acid. The rest of the cast did their job too! Thank you for putting taste back into the movies. In a class all its own!

I was surprised, at a 1:30pm weekday showing, to count approximately 90 in attendance. If I count 12 at other movies, it would be a crowd. I thoroughly enjoyed and have recommended to others.

Really enjoyableReviewed bygraham-p-carterVote: 7/10

I've just seen this film and thought it was excellent - and Will Young does very well! The period detail, show tunes and production numbers are all very enjoyable and the story is by turns really funny and very sad and poignant. The previous reviewer does not seem to appreciate that a film about a theatre, which puts on shows, containing a singer... is bound to contain behind- the-scenes stuff, people rehearsing, people singing - the film, after all, is a film about a theatre! What else did he expect to see?! Don't let "peteranderson"'s poorly written review put you off - all he succeeds in doing is displaying a poor vocabulary (does he know no synonyms for "good"?!) and a dislike for Will Young, which says more about him than it does about the film or Will Young's performance.

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