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My Chauffeur (1986)

My Chauffeur is a movie starring Deborah Foreman, Sam J. Jones, and Sean McClory. A free-spirited young woman (Deborah Foreman) upsets the status quo at a stuffy Brentwood limousine service.

IMDB: 5.61 Likes

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The Synopsis for My Chauffeur (1986) 720p

A free-spirited young woman (Deborah Foreman) upsets the status quo at a stuffy Brentwood limousine service.

The Director and Players for My Chauffeur (1986) 720p

[Director]David Beaird
[Role:]Howard Hesseman
[Role:]Deborah Foreman
[Role:]Sam J. Jones
[Role:]Sean McClory

The Reviews for My Chauffeur (1986) 720p

Likable 80's light comedyReviewed byRed-BarracudaVote: 6/10

A woman is hired as a chauffeur for a limousine company. Her appointment causes all manner of perturbation and despair in the chauvinistic environs of this male-only club. Much to her male colleagues annoyance, she pretty much immediately makes a good impression with their clients though and gets involved with a relationship with a hard-nosed businessman who hires her as a driver. As is the way of these films, they start out getting on very badly but as time progresses a love affair emerges and the businessman learns from the error of his ways.

This 80's effort is overall pretty good fun. It's hardly going to blow your mind with its originality or anything though, as it is in essence a formulaic romantic comedy. But it has a very likable performance from Deborah Foreman underpinning it. She elevates the material up a notch or two. Appearing alongside her is Sam J. Jones, surely best known for his starring role in the earlier movie Flash Gordon (1980). There is also the first cinematic appearance of Penn and Teller, as a couple of oddballs who Foreman picks up latterly in the story. And we also have some very 80's music performed by the never popular new wave band, The Wigs. All-in-all, this is not bad for a low budget 80's comedy, it's corny but gets by on a reasonable amount of charm.

The greatest comedy of the 80'sReviewed byMr_BoomerangVote: 10/10

This movie has many highlights -- the blue lady walking a dog scene, the tar pit scene, the hillbilly hospitality scene, the car thief scene and on and on including the entire Bone & Abdul (i.e. Penn & Teller) routine. There are no low points. Deb is in top form -- cute, coy and adorable. Aside from a couple of minor continuity flaws, the movie is perfect. And if your wondering where I got my name from, watch the movie. Yes, Deb, I wanna be your dog! :-)

A sort of feminist but somewhat funny movieReviewed byfrabii-81-835931Vote: 10/10

I watched this movie because of Daria. I have to admit that I am biased because I had the honor of knowing her.

Now about the movie. Sort of feminist proving a woman is able to do whatever she strives to. But I already knew that since my mother is the first Iranian woman to get a Master's in Electrical Engineering. To me women equality is a fact that does not need to be proved. Nevertheless it is nice to see a somewhat cheesy movie show it. I would hope a woman would want more than that.

My only regret is that Daria did not get the lead role. She is such a magnificent women that just having known her makes my life worth living.

A personal note: Daria you bring sunshine to the world.

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