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The Image (1975) 1080p

Jean becomes interested in friend Claire's kinky sex with slave Anne.

IMDB: 6.411 Likes

  • Genre: Adult | Drama
  • Quality: 1080p
  • Size: 1.76G
  • Resolution: 1920x1056 / 23.976 (23976/1000) FPSfps
  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 89
  • IMDB Rating: 6.4/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 4 / 6

The Synopsis for The Image (1975) 1080p

Jean discovers that Anne cannot get enough of being humiliated by her mistress, Claire. Gentleman that he is, he decides to partake in the activities. Ultimately, Claire surrenders to him as well.

The Director and Players for The Image (1975) 1080p

[Director]Radley Metzger
[Role:]Marilyn Roberts
[Role:]Carl Parker
[Role:]Mary Mendum

The Reviews for The Image (1975) 1080p

A romantic S/M storyReviewed byB B (ee-films-director)Vote: 4/10

A romantic S/M story, that is rather elegant filmed and show naughty games with a beautiful young lady... Yes, she look a lot more lovely, than the bad picture on the DVD's front cover.

But this film is partly too slow, has only a few rather interesting scenes, some S/M scenes are actually silly (type not authentic) and the deeply fascinating masterpiece "Histoire d'O" is dramatically better in every way, even if that one show mush less explicit ordinary sex and even if many critics seem to regard this film, as the ultimate S/M erotica! In other hand, is the basic story more realistic and possible a slightly better introduction to S/M games, compared with "Histoire d'O" and the film may be worth a second view...

Reviewed byThe_VoidVote: 9/10/10

What we have here is a classic slice of pornography, which is wrappedup in excellent production values in spite of the lurid and sleazynature of most of it's action. Indeed, this film has just abouteverything a porn fan could want and more, as we get to watch the titlecharacter go through a number of 'pleasures' including whipping, publichumiliation and mutilation. The film takes place in the upper societyof France, and this serves in making the film more shocking as itfeatures an eloquent voice over from the central character, which runsover most scenes, and offsets the gratuitous sex sequences nicely. Theplot focuses on a man named Jean, who bumps into his friend Claire at adull cocktail party that the pair are attending. It's not long beforehe is introduced to Claire's "friend" - the completely submissive Anne,who delights in bending to her mistress' will, even if that meanshaving to urinate in public or undress in front of strangers. We thenfollow the trio through a series of sex scenes, most of which see thetitle character bear the brunt of the less savoury acts.

One thing I've learnt about porn flicks is that there often isn't muchof a plot to speak of; and this one is no different, although the slimplot is excellently fleshed out by the three central characters; whoare very different and equally interesting. The beautiful RebeccaBrooke takes the lead role and does well with it thanks to her goodlooks and willingness to show off her 'assets' at every opportunity.Marilyn Roberts plays the older, yet equally sexy woman who is also thelabyrinth character of the piece and provides the film with a degree ofintrigue. Carl Parker rounds it all off with a brilliantly sleazyperformance, and his character actually goes through a bit ofdevelopment, which is rather odd for a porn film. This film is reallyhead and shoulders above its counterparts, as the production values aregood and director Radley Metzger actually seems to care about how goodhis locations look, as he succeeds in capturing France at its best.Overall, The Punishment of Anne comes highly recommended to anyone thatinterested in high-class porn films!

Unsettling blend of art & pornographyReviewed byFalconeerVote: 8/10

I suppose it can be said of Radley Metzger's "The Image", that it is the film that "Story of O" should have been. It is quite impossible to not be reminded of that film while watching this one, as the subject matter is the same: the world of sadomasochistic sex relationships. Both are gorgeously filmed, and both play somewhat like sexually charged fairy-tales. Both films were based on classic French erotic books, helmed by women. However the approach here is somewhat different, as "The Image" goes much further than "O" dared to go. In this unforgettable film, a young model by the name of Anne is 'owned' by a somewhat older, ice queen of a woman named Claire. When Jean, a handsome stud meets up with this bizarre couple, so begins an intense sexual game, as Claire gives Jean a guided tour through the world of S&M. The young Anne becomes the object of an endless series of kinky tortures/pleasures. Whippings, bondage, bizarre humiliations concerning urination, and oral sex, all filmed in breathtaking detail by the legendary Radley Metzger. Here is a man with a fascination for sex, nudity, and beautiful women. Fortunately, this man is equally concerned with more important things as well, such as character development, coherent and interesting story lines, symbolism, even the 'psychology' of sexual behavior. Important, for without these things, films like 'Image' would be not much more than a meaningless collection of beautifully filmed erotic set pieces. On the surface, Anne is the slave here, and Claire and Jean are in total control. but by the time it all ends, the viewer has to wonder, just who in that 3 way relationship actually had the power. I must give fair warning here: 'The Image' can be a somewhat harrowing experience for the average viewer. Not only is the sex graphic, some of it actual "hardcore", but much of it is surprisingly brutal, and mean-spirited as well. By the end of the film, I found myself feeling somewhat uncomfortable, even depressed at witnessing Annes merciless degradation and suffering, even though it was all 'consensual'. As in 'Story of O', it is made fairly clear that the heroine of the story was free to leave, whenever things got to be too much. And the ending is what you could call a happy one, as each of the three characters discovers something within themselves, and is therefore 'set free' of their respective chains. For someone such as myself, who is not involved in the S&M lifestyle, it can be hard to see Anne's terror and pain as something enjoyable. Is she doing this because she enjoys hard sex, and being dominated, or is it because she is psychologically unhealthy, which would mean that these two 'masters' are preying upon a girl by exploiting her sickness? If it wasn't a good film, i believe these questions would not be asked. Therefore "The Image" succeeds, in my opinion, at being a bizarre, but remarkable work of art, unlike the inferior 'Story of O', which made me feel nothing, and taught me nothing about the S&M scene. Recommended, but be prepared to see things not seen in mainstream cinema!

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